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The “HMS Highflyer Association” was launched informally in 1997 to reconnect friends who had served in Ceylon West Radio Stations. The association is automatically open to the personnel and families of all those who served in HMS Highflyer and its associated tenders, between 1943 and its final closure and handover to the Sri Lankan Navy in 1962.

Currently we have a membership of just under 100 which includes members living in Australia, Canada, the Channel Islands as well as in the United Kingdom.

The membership has now been opened up by invitation to those friends of our original members who support the association and enjoy our extremely successful reunions.

“The Highflyer”, our association magazine, is published quarterly and keeps us up to date with current and future events as well as reminding us of our past.

Each year we have a reunion weekend at different sites around the country. At the same time we hold our AGM. The reunions are eagerly looked forward to by all our members. Well, they just keep getting better every year!

Details of the reunions, both past, present and planned can be found on our news pages.

We are always looking for old friends and new members so why not get in touch? Call 023 92593542 or write to The Chairman, HMS Highflyer Association, 35 Mundays Row, Waterlooville, Hanpshire PO8 OHF, UK.

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  1. Alick Lavers says:

    My uncle was a HO Shipwright and served in HMS HIGHLYER from about ’43 to the end of the war. His name was Sidney Lavers. If anyone’s father remembers him, can you please let me know?

  2. Helen Appleton says:

    I am looking for any information on my brother William Young ( Billy ) He lowered the white ensign in Trinocamalee in 1957 In the only short clipping I have it says he was with HMS Highflyer at the time. I would love to have a photograph of this. Although it was a long time I’m hoping someone out there remembers something. Billy was 15 years older than me but I remember his stories well. He brought a friend home on leave once his name was Roy Feasey I’m not sure I got the spelling right. I live in hope that someone out there can help me best wishes Helen .

    • barry roberts says:

      I served in the RAF and lived for a while with the Navy. I took a photo of the last lowering of the white ensign. I am busily looking for it in preparation for the next reunion. I was assured that the ensign given to me was the last weekday ensign to fly over Trinco. I have since handed this item to the Highflyer Association. I have a photo with names of some of the navy boys who were there at the end.

  3. John England says:

    My dad, Jack England, was based in Kotugoda in 1961-2. He was a CPO mechanician. I was nine and remember we had a bungalow in Ja Ela in a group of bungalows. I’m going to Sri Lanka in January and I am interested to try to find that house if it still exists. Does anybody here know where the estate was in Ja Ela and whether it still exists?

  4. Su Barton says:

    My dad, Alan Johnson was based in Trincolmalee and Colombo between 1948 and 1951. I have a super photo of him as the goalie for the winning team. The shield states “HMS Highflyer, winners of the East Indies fleet soccor knockout competition 1951 Italian cup”. Dad passed away 14 years but I hope there maybe someone out there who served with him and can share their memories of this exciting time.

    • hmshighflyer says:

      To my fellow Highflyers.
      If there’s any one who can help, please let me know and I’ll put you in touch with Su. Cheers!

  5. Richard Ashton says:

    I wonder if anyone remembers Wren Gladys Bishop my mother in law who served at highflyer 1943-46 (we think) and remembers the floating dock sinking with HMS Valiant in it.
    We have been in contact with ‘highflyer’ and hope to reconnect with them. I hope that the family will donate various records and signals regarding the sinking and the end of the war. Mrs G Parrick nee Bishop (Bish) is now 92 and frail, and living in Colchester.

    • hmshighflyer says:

      Hello Richard,
      Good to hear from you again. I’ve previously added an article about the sinking of the AFD in our quarterly magazine. Currently I’m working on something for the next magazine and it will include some information about other personnel who served in Ceylon at the same time as Gladys although not at the same site. However, you never know. They may have met. I hope to stay in touch with you in future

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